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A firewall is a type of software that monitors all incoming network traffic while you're online and allows in only the connections that are known and trusted. Without a firewall, your computer is basically an "open door" to hackers. All of your private information such as passwords, credit card numbers you've used for online purchases and documents that you don't want to share with anyone are all available for hackers to steal. Whether you have a dial-up, broadband or DSL connection, every minute that your computer is connected to the Internet, it is at risk. 1 year free updates and free technical support.

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The Shield Pro 2005 - AntiVirus/Firewall screenshot

The Shield Pro 2005 - AntiVirus/Firewall 2005

Anti-Virus AND firewall protection.

37.59 KB
2005-07-05 20:44:40
Shield Firewall screenshot

Shield Firewall 2011

The Shield Firewall 5.0 - hacker protection

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2012-10-06 13:43:11
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The Shield Pro AntiVirus & Firewall 2007.009

The Shield PRO 2007 AntiVirus and Firewall.

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The Shield Pro - Antivirus/Firewall screenshot

The Shield Pro - Antivirus/Firewall 2009

virus, hacker, and privacy threat protection

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Shield Deluxe 2005 screenshot

Shield Deluxe 2005 2005

anti-virus, anti-spyware software

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2005-07-01 20:46:35